Radio and TV

The 'RTV' part in RTVPLAN is no coincidence. Radio and TV ads are what we are good at. With many stations and sales offices in different countries, RTVPLAN is suitable for various sales policies.


RTVPLAN is multi in everything:

  • Multi station/edition

    Different owners, broadcast areas

  • Multi language

    English, Dutch, German, Danish, etc

  • Multimedia

    Radio, TV, Out-of-home, Print

  • Multi pricing

    Price per second, per 30", per GRP, fixed price

  • Multi discount

    Unlimited number of discount combinations

  • Multi spot type

    Normal, Barter, Billboard, Promo, etc.

  • Multi cost center

    To split Revenue in categories

  • Multi users

    Without loss in performance

  • Multi rate records

    Even per order

  • Multi currencies


Central efficiency

RTVPLAN is developed for central efficiency. It will be the hub that connects all your data and simplify time consuming tasks. Campaigns are entered, scheduled and sent in less than a few minutes. Direct connections with third parties like agencies make it even more efficient and paper- / documentless. Not to mention the XML exchange of invoices.



Planning and reservation of Spots can be done automatically and manually. The graphical plan board helps to keep track of the spread of Spots. Is the Advertiser asking for more airtime? A Spot has to be moved or some days need to be excluded? All details are easily changed. RTVPLAN takes the already broadcasted Spots into account and runs the necessary checks again.



When the Commercials (Audio or Video ads) are known, you can link the Commercials automatically to the reservation of Spots. With the help of a user friendly wizard this will take only a few moments. Daily checks like spreading multispots, product clashes and other conflicts will done by our smart algorithms . The final result of the playlist will be sent to the playout system.



Invoices can be generated by batch and digitally sent as PDF or XML/UBL file by mail or FTP. Formatting of Invoices can easily by done by Word templates. All Invoices can be exported to your financial system by direct interfaces or export files.


Yield management

Revenue management or 'Yield management' is important to determine a price and to get the most out of your commercial breaks. RTVPLAN offers advanced tools to analyze Commercial breaks.

Yield management

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