CRM and Sales

Effective sales' is all about details. For that reason you want a CRM system that fits your business. The CRM module is fully integrated in RTVPLAN. So information about discounts, contracts, revenue, invoices, activities and contact persons are in an all-in-one system.

Contacts and activities

Activities like phone calls, e-mails and appointments can be saved on customer or contact person level. This way you build a record of customer history. Because we are specialized in media, we register all cross-links between Advertisers, Agencies and Back-offices.

Contact persons and activities

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Account managers are used to working with systems like Microsoft Outlook. Therefore you can also save and synchronize contacts, e-mails and appointments. A nice advantage of this is that all data can be opened from other software, smartphones and tablets.


Bring your own device

With the web platform of RTVPLAN you can use the CRM / sales parts of the system on any device. Because of the responsive design, the pages will scale for best usability on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Bring your own device

Targets and forcast

A good sales department has a goal. In RTVPLAN targets can be assigned to sales people or set per advertiser or cost centre. The sales manager can monitor the actual status real-time by reports and charts.


Quotes and proposals

Account managers can create their quotes and proposals in a structured way with RTVPLAN. This means you will no longer have Word documents and Excel sheets all over the place on different locations. RTVPLAN stores everything in one place. The proposals can be created based on predefined templates.


Contracts and discounts

Price agreements and discounts are registered in a structured manner as a Contract. These agreements work through the whole system like a waterfall. Every level within RTVPLAN inherits from a higher level. Agreements can still be edited on a lower level. The Contracts can be monitored real-time, to keep grip on your core sales business.

Discounts and contracts

business intelligence and Reporting

RTVPLAN will be your one single point of truth. A solution that stores all your data of revenue, sales activities, invoices and inventory. On dashboards you can see real-time what is in the sales funnel and what the intake of the sales orders is. We have dozens of standard reports for weekly figures, campaign evaluations, list of invoices, etc. etc. Or you can create your own by direct interfaces to Excel or Microsoft Power BI.


Mailings and invitations

To create mailing lists for special offers, invitations, events or newsletters, you can easily create selections based on: customer type (advertiser, agency, supplier), target group (men 20-49, business-to-business), branch code (finance, automotive, tourism), special mailing codes, turnover, account manager and many more.

Mailing and invitations

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