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We know your business and will digitize it to make processes easier and faster! Every day our project managers and developers work on new ideas and improvements.

Solutions for media

RTVPLAN is our digital solution for Radio & Television, Print, Online and Out-of-home. What started as a simple planning system, grew out to be a full covered media sales solution. Our fourth generation of RTVPLAN is based on an open API webservices architecture and ready to connect you to the rest of the world!

Efficient and effective

RTVPLAN assists and makes every part of the media sales organization efficient and effective.


Customer Relationship Manager

Media Deals

Create offers by template


Manual and Auto-planning


Products and Online products


Manage Commercials


Create invoices


Playout Automation System

Business intelligence

Reports and Charts

(Private) Cloud

Be productive anywhere, anytime

Market share

In The Netherlands we are market leader in the Radio segment. More than 50% of all gross spendings are sold and scheduled with RTVPLAN. Also in Belgium an interesting part of the market is working with RTVPLAN. Our market share in other countries and media grows every year.

Market share

Why should you choose RTVPLAN


More than 25 years experience with digital solutions for the media. We know your world.


Large and small media companies work with RTVPLAN. Take advantage of their input, you do not have to reinvent the wheel.


RTVPLAN is built with the latest Microsoft .NET technogies and ready for the future.


When you buy RTVPLAN, you buy tailor-made software out-of-the-box. Everything can be easily configured or extended.

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