Our mission is simple:
make customers stronger!

Compact, flexible and customers who matter. That is DBSgroep. Specialized in digital solutions for media and customized applications and platforms.

Digital Business Services

Our digital roots go back to the eighties when the founder started Quality Computer Services. During the nineties we changed the name to Digital Business Services and that's exactly what we do. We deliver services to digitize your business!

Digital Business Services

Solutions for media

RTVPLAN is our digital solution for media sales, planning and traffic. With more than 25 years experience, we know your business. Our fourth generation of RTVPLAN meets all your needs for the future of advertising.

Solutions for media

Customized solutions

If you can't find a turnkey solution that fits your needs, then we can help you by creating a custom made solution.




Our customers

Our customer base is very diverse. From radio stations to shipyards, from stock exchange listed insurance companies to governments, from TV channels to small retail companies, we enjoy to work with them all.

Omrop Fryslân

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